Okaynokay Updated Seaquence With Audio Export & More

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Okaynokay released today an big update for the special multi-voice Synthesizer Seaquence. The new version finally support audio export, includes several enhancements for the MIDI implementation and much more. An excellent creative application that becomes now even better.

Available here: Seaquence 

Seaquence is beautiful and playful multi-voice synthesizer. Seaquence lets you create, modify, and share musical compositions of swimming “planktone” creatures in a stereo-spatialized mixing dish. Each creature has a voice and a sequencer, and only the closest are heard as they swim around your view. With Seaquence’s fully capable audio engine, you can create layered and dynamic compositions with a wide range of sounds ranging from ambient drones to intricately layered rhythms and transients. With its playful and colorful interface, even composers who are brand new to synthesis will be able to unlock their synesthetic creativity. You can save your sessions, post and share them, and explore the Seaquence Galaxy to listen what others have shared to get inspired.

New in Version 1.1.0

  • Built-in audio AND video recording/export using Apple Replay-Kit. Export audio and video to other apps.
  • Enhanced MIDI support: Sources/Destinations can now be selected individually.
  • Settings are now accessible in-app! No more iOS settings panel
  • Tweaks to compressor settings resulting in larger dynamic range when lots of voices are playing. Experience greater fidelity in complicated mixes!
  • Faster session loading
  • Pinch Zoom
  • New filter control which allows you to morph between the 4 different filter types dynamically, allowing for more expressive spectral control
  • BPM and Transpose are now included in the free download
  • Tap Tempo on BPM
  • Play Audio in Background (option)
  • Max Active voices — set how many voices can play at once (option)
  • Showing/hide note names in sequencer (option)
  • MIDI Enable/Disable (option)
  • More accurate and consistent MIDI clock / note timing
  • MIDI latency adjustment
  • Improved IAP purchase flow and messaging
  • Updated graphics / icons
  • UI Tweaks
  • Various Bug Fixes

Seaquence is available for free on the Apple App Store. The complete version is available as in-app-purchase for 6.99$

Available here: Seaquence 

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