Discover Two Modular Acts That Combine Audio & Laser Perfectly

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Laser and audio? Can that fit together? Laser Bros show in a very interesting way that lasers and modular music can perfectly harmonise. Laser Bros is a collaboration between the Austrian Laser artist Bernhard Rasinger a.k.a BR Laser and the main brain behind Bastl Instruments Václav Peloušek.

Here is how they describe the Laser Bros project 

Laser Bros creates synesthetic experience of connecting Laser projection and electric sound waves generated real time by analog modular synthesizer. It is a collaboration of Bernhard Rasinger a.k.a. BR Laser and Václav Peloušek of Bastl Instruments. BR Laser is a project exposing the beauty of waveforms drawn by Laser beam as hypnotic 2-dimensional shapes animated in time. These waveforms and their colours are generated on an analog modular synthesizer while generating audible drone with synesthetic timbral modifications reflected in the shape of the beam of the laser projector. Václav Peloušek is a musician and synthesizer inventor at Bastl Instruments and in the Laser Bros project he generates control signals to turn the Laser drones into rhythmical piece of music

In my opinion, both artists bring new momentum into the modular music world because here they blend art and music perfectly into a performance and they animate people not only to listen to the music but also to watch it.

More informations here: Laser Bros 

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