Yonac KASPAR Synthesizer Review – 8 Synthesizers In One Single App

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The next two pages belongs to the effects alone. These algorithms come from Yonac’s own excellent sounding guitar app Tone Stack. As mention already, if you want to use them inside your layers, you can mix them inside the layer mixer page with the FX1 and Fx2 knobs.

Each FX pages includes a compressor, a full featured EQ with an in depth parameters like multiple filter types and a nice sounding chorus. Beside this, it features a phaser, a flanger and an versatile amplifier effect with four different circuit and cabinet emulations. On top, musicians receive an adaptable delay effect with independent controls for left right and a versatile reverb with an interesting freeze function. On every effect page, you can find the same amount of effects and with simple swipe to the left or right, you can change the placement and routing of each effects. So you both pages to create a big effect chain. KASPAR includes in overall a great selection of effects but I would like to see a graphical UI for the EQ that would simply the work wit.

Than you have also a nice designed preference menu with several audio and MIDI related features. In this menu, you can choose between a MIDI connection over the normal CCK adapter (USB) or over Bluetooth. At the last page, you find also a full-featured tape recorder where you can record your sounds/tracks, loop and import/export them.

In the top left corner, you have also a nice designed sound browser with over 300 onboard factory presets. These browser invites musicians and sound designer to create very easy sounds and save them in new banks. Beside the browser, you have also a CPU level and BPM level display.

Back on the first page, where I concentrate now to the Morph page of KASPAR or for me the sound design feature on the go. You have seen now that the synth engine in KASPAR is based on 8 different synth layers from 1 to 8. In this menu, you can group every layer to four different points (A B C D) and morph through them.

Per example, you can map: layer 1 & 2 to group A, 3 & 4 to B, 5 & 6 to C and 7 and 8 to D. With these mapping, you can morph through each sound an discover quick new sound timbres in your multi-timber patch. If you love the morph feature inside the Moog Animoog Synthesizer, I’m pretty sure, you will love this one also because it has a similar approach. Cool extra function inside the morph feature is that you can choose if you want to morph per hand or automatically through the sounds. With the X & Y and XY speed, you can adjust this self-acting movement precisely.

Also KASPAR allows users to record own morphing paths in the separate auto section. You can record here the path via the write button and instantly the sound will morph alongside this route through your sound.

Sound Library 

KASPAR from Yonac comes in the initial version with over 300 factory presets divided in 5 different banks (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, New Wave Presets). Almost all sounds are high quality and easy to use in music production. Some of the patches are very special and a bit difficult to use in non experimental music.

In overall, the factory library has a lot of excellent usable and sounding presets. Unfortunately, I miss some more presets that features the creative morphing function. At the current stage, most of the patches are not mapped directly to the morphing pages or are not design with this page. Maybe we will see some additional patch banks as in-app-purchase with more morphing movements in future.


  1. This seems to be a very similar model to the Layr synth. Is there a lot of overlap, or do they occupy unique territory?

  2. The interface is in my opinion easier made here than in LayR. Not the biggest fan of the interface of LayR. On the synthesis side, LayR is deeper but KASPAR offers a wide range of waveforms and filters which can be used also for new sounds.

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