UVI Cinematic Shades For Falcon Gives You Everything You Need To Compose Atmospheric Music

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UVI launched this week an amazing new expansion for the synthesizer workstation Falcon. It features an evocative and visceral collection of sounds designed for composers and modern producers who need unique and powerful elements for their productions.

In 7 categories organised, the new Falcon expansion includes a collection of 130 atmospheres, pads, textures, melodies, sequences, basses and cinematic elements. Each sound comes with pre-mapped macros that provide creative modulation options and easy automation control inside DAW’s.

Available here: UVI Cinematic Shades

A joint collaboration from sound designers Richard Gale and Carlo de Gregorio, Cinematic Shades dives deep into the dark and experimental side of music and sound culminating from of over 15 years of sound design experience. Ranging from brooding and ethereal to brazen avant-garde glitch, patches can easily be morphed and performed to suit numerous uses. Create unyielding tension, thunderous releases and rich, expansive sound environments with numerous playable patches and modern cinematic textures. Utilizing both acoustic recordings and raw synthesis the sounds of Cinematic Shades come alive with rich dynamics and micro-detail, ready to add depth, impact and evolving atmospheres to your productions.

The power and flexibility of Falcon is underscored throughout this collection, making use of numerous synthesis techniques including analog modelling, multi-granular and wavetable, as well as many of the robust effects and modulators. Sounds can all be quickly previewed, edited, layered or performed with nearly limitless variation thanks to Falcon’s efficient semi-modular architecture.

Features of Cinematic Shades 

  • Expand Falcon wth 130 textures, rhythms and ambiances.
  • Tweak and perform patches on-the-fly with macro controls.
  • Deep editing capabilities of Falcon allow limitless customization.

UVI Cinematic Shades is now available from UVI and any software download retailer for 39€

Available here: UVI Cinematic Shades

Available here: UVI Falcon 

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