Teaser: Percussa SWO Wavetable Oscillator & Remote Module For Eurorack

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Percussa just released two pictures of an upcoming new eurorack project of the company. It will be an SWO wavetable oscillator with a big touch-screen. To get more control options, they developed currently also a remote Eurorack module. It’s looks like that they port their System 8 modular Synthesizer to the Eurorack world. A very special Eurorack module but the question is here: will this attract enough potential users or will it end as very rare and specific product. We will see how Percussa will develop this and how much the price will be.

Percussa SWO Wavetable Oscillator module 

Percussa SWO Wavetable Oscillator Remote module 

Thanks to Sequencer.de to posting this news.

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