Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO FM Synth – A New Modern FM Synthesizer Is In Development

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Modern FM synthesizers are relatively rare in the current market. Brands such as Yamaha and KORG have recently tried to bring FM back to the man again, which of course was a nice product enrichment. Today, the Barcelona-based music producer Blanali Cruz published two videos that offers a preview of the new compact Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO FM Synthesizer.

It’s a small FM Synthesizer that features a 4-voice polyphony engine, an LFO, sub-oscillator, delay and glide feature. Due of the potentiometer control, it lend you to give a modern but familiar feel of subtractive Synthesizers.

An excellent news from this developer because I think the Synth market need more digital synths like FM, wavetable or even granular instruments.  Since many digital Synthesizers have a very special sound and can lend songs another timbre, I’m of the opinion that developers should be more confident to develop such instruments. Nothing against analog synths but so slowly the market is well sown.

We have currently no informations about the price or availability but the device is still under development. What do you think about this new FM synths? Are you interested in such digital sounds or do you tend more to the analog wave?


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