Electronic Music Pioneer Pierre Henry Has Passed Away

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Some sad news coming from France today. The music concrete and electronic pioneer Pierre Henry has passed away at the age of 89. For readers who don’t know hat music concrète is: it’s a composition approach that treats recorded audio sources as “concrete” elements to be chopped, manipulated and arranged, originally on audio tape  to create music. 

If you read through the concept of the Concrète Music, you realize that it is the actual way how music and sounds are made today. We record per example Synthesizers in our DAW, chopped them to the length of our song, manipulated the sounds with some effects and arranged them completely with the other elements of the song.  

An excellent french documentary about Pierre Henry, you can find below. It documents the work of him beautifully and shows many interesting examples of how he works with sounds. Unfortunately, it’s only in French but with good english subtitles. 

During his active time, Pierre Henry composed a lot of different songs and album. One of his compositions with Pierre Schaeffer, you can find below in a youtube video.

RIP Pierre Henry

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