AKAI iMPC Pro v.1.6.9 Update Released – Bug Fixes, Improvements & Summer Sale

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AKAI released today in collaboration with Retronyms an new update for the iMPC Pro. Version 1.6.9 is a big bug fixing update and some minor new features. The company also announced some promotion deals on the iMPC apps and expansion packs.

Available here: AKAI iMPC Pro 

We’re proud to announce a big bug fixing update to iMPC Pro! Aside from a randomly occurring crash (among others) which has been fixed, it is also more efficient than previous releases. Here is a complete breakdown of what else we’ve changed in this release:

New in iMPC Pro v.1.6.9 

  • Fixed crashes inside Timeline when dealing with recorded rapid pad taps
  • Fixed crash in sample editor’s “chop to pads” when adjusting threshold and rightmost pads are selected
  • Fixed bug in sample editor’s “chop to pads” feature that could leave the last slice without a proper end handle
  • Fixed note repeat “buzz” glitch when using “natural” quantization (time correct)
  • Export to MPC Desktop software now correctly supports Chop to Pads
  • 3D Perform in Tune mode no longer sticks after it is turned off
  • Flux Link recording now copies accurately instead of creating buzzing when duplicating sequences
  • Current swing and quantization recording settings save with the session
  • Improved MPC Element/Fly support (only the currently selected bank now lights the pads on the Element)
  • Fixed “phantom notes” bug that can happen when a sequence is duplicated which contains a note-off at the very end
  • The session browser’s left-hand side menu now has a cleaner presentation, and a bug has been fixed where tapping the pencil icon loaded the session instead of renaming it
  • Fixed problem in which queueing a sequence in Song mode may not keep the pad lit after it switches to the new sequence
  • Timeline switches between tracks better (fixed stale audition pad issue)

And, finally, we have added a new feature that improves the workflow: The current swing and quantization recording settings save and restore with the session.

Beside this update, they announced several promotional deal during limited time 


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