ZhSh Released For iOS – A New Audio Effect With The Primary Aim To Create Musical Noise

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Is everything distorted and extreme today? After the release of Shaper by K-Devices, the next developer released today something like a distortion effect for iOS. ZhSh is a new audio effect with the primary aim to create musical noise effects and after some minutes I can confirm this. It’s a very noisy but sounds very great for experimental noise music. This app is available for free for limited time only.
Available here: ZhSh

Noise-centered and barely musical audio-effect application. Treat it like Self-a-Fuzz small brother.

ZhSh can work as left-field distortion pedal or audio texture creator: generate and filter mix of white and pink(flicker) noise to fill night with pleasant sounds or use resulting sounds to blend-mix-shape your audio-input to add distortions.

  • White and Pink noise generator
  • Filter eq9 to gate noise
  • Pitch detector for eq9
  • Mutonic with 5 components
  • Output pure, filtered or blended audio
  • Presets system
  • Audiobus and IAA
  • Randomizers for every parameter
  • Oscillographs
  • Occasionally universal

Use headphones or connect to other apps to avoid possible audio feedbacks.

Available here: ZhSh

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