K-Devices Released Shaper: Smart Audio Destroyer For iOS – Introduction & Review

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The developers of K-Devices published today their first iOS app after various Max4Live products. With Shaper, they bring a smart audio destroyer to the iOS world that can destroy any audio signal in creative ways in seconds. The engine is based on a modularity concept where you can easily change the position of every part of the effects. It features all connectivity possibilities like iOS AudioUnit extension, Inter-app-audio, AudioBus 2 & 3 and works also as standalone app.

I had the opportunity to join this new app development very early, I’m happy to see this new intuitive app now in the app store. I talked a lot with the developers, suggest them to develop the app new and to bring directly iOS AudioUnit extension to the initial version because in my opinion, every app need this connectivity. It makes apps far more professional and better to use. With a lot of beta testing, I can confirm that Shaper includes now iOS AU support and a universal for iPhone is coming also very soon.

What should I say after a few months of testing about Shaper. In short, Shaper is an excellent sounding, versatile and intuitive iOS distortion effect with all connection possibilities available for the iPad. Above all, it is not only made for guitarists but works also perfectly with every other audio sources like Synthesizers or Drum Machines. Shaper is like the title says a smart audio destroyer for everyone.

Shaper is available now in a special introduction sale for limited time for only €3.49/$2.99 (instead of €6.99/$5.99). This offer is valid until June 24th. Check out below, our introduction and review video about the first app by K-Devices.

Available here: K-Devices Shaper

Shaper is a multi-fx processor that allows you to redefine or totally destroy any kind of source. Shaper is perfect in any iOS music workflow:

  • as stand alone app to process your outboard equipment
  • as inter-app audio in Aubiobus or other compatible daw apps as AUM, Modstep, GarageBand, and so on
  • moreover, Shaper is also an awesome Audio Unit Extension!!

Its clear, clean and minimal user interface lets you fall in love so fast with its potential, that after just few minutes of use you’ll feel like it always been one of your favorite music production tools.
Its noise is your noise.

All you need to add a personal touch to your sounds is here. Emphasize your basslines working with waveshaper’s sections blend and color, or increasing the clip’s value (this works great also on drums and acoustic percussive sounds). Blow digital coldness to your synths going wild with S&M and Bits&Samps functions, or increasing wrap or fold values . Add unpredictable dynamic glitches thanks the exclusive gate.

How it works 

Shaper is composed by several modules, that you can rearrange as you want:

  • a glitch gate
  • a waveshaper section with 5 brand new inspiring functions: Muffin, Multistress, Cracker, S&M, Bits&Samps
  • a transform section with wave-clipper, wave-wrapper, and wave-folder
  • a resonator/short delay, that can act as a comb filter too

You choose how to feed it and how to mix it with a gain and a dry/wet section. Two oscilloscopes display audio signals before and after processing: this gives you a realtime visual feedback about how you are morphing your sound wave.

Each parameter offers a range that lets you process the signal so slightly… Or so massively! Changing the order of modules in the chain, makes of Shaper an incredibly versatile sounds processor!

Waveshaping functions

The waveshaper module applies a shaping function to incoming signal. It’s the timbral core of the audio process. Several functions are available: Muffin and Cracker applies a digital warming function with a distinction in the weight that noise takes in the wet signal. Multistress is a bit more fragmentes function, giving a more modulated FM-ish result. These three let user control the process via blend and color parameters. This helps you to apply a different dose of Shaper cure to your sound 😉

S&M is basically an amplitude modulation, driven by ramps; the length parameter here sets the frequency of these. This function brings a like-metal flavour… Raw digital power!

The last function Bits & Samps is a standard bit reducer.

Modular structure 

Shaper lets you work fast with gestures support:

  • you want to rearrange modules? Just drag them as you prefer and create different chains for different needs
  • need instant reset to default value for a parameter? Just double tap on cursor
  • fine tuning? Just tap and hold the cursor, then drag it left or right to increase the resolution of your vertical dragging

Shaper is Audiobus presets and state saving compatible. It can also store its status while working in all major host-apps sets as AUM, Modstep, GarageBand, etc. You can also save internal presets, and share them with your collaborators easily.

Available here: K-Devices Shaper

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