Dreadbox NYX Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer Review: Tricky But Amazing

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Summary Of The Review 

+ Excellent & noble sounding analog Synthesizer

+ Unique sound character (a bit dirty)

+ Excellent build quality (especially the big knobs are lovely made)

+ Dual Filter system

+ Massive amount of VCO & VCF routing possibilities

+ Lovely reverb (one of the highlights) +- Don’t response to Velocity (good addition for NYX v.2)

+-  Stereo Output (good addition for NYX v.2)

–  Routing possibilities complicated at the first moment

–  Not perfect for synth beginners

–  Tuning is a bit tricky with one big tuning and a second detune for VCO 2

In Summary, the Dreadbox NYX is an excellent sounding analog paraphonic Synthesizer with a lot of unique features. In the first weeks, the workflow can be a bit tricky but if you focus some hours on it, you will love it. With some negative points, the NYX is a great addition to the Dreadbox Desktop Synth line. 

Check out here my video review of the Dreadbox NYX Analog Synthesizer

Available here:

EU: Dreadbox NYX

US: Dreadbox NYX

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