Analogue Solutions Fusebox Synthesizer Leaked – A Lot of Pulse Width Modulation, SEM Filter, Patternator & More

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We have news from the Synthesizer manufactory Analogue Solutions. They will release in a few months the Fusebox, a new high-quality analog Synthesizer. There is no detail informations about all the features of the Fusebox, but they will be delivered as soon as possible. 

But what can be seen in the pictures already, the Fusebox comes with three Oscillators with a Sync and Xmod function. The Xmod function must be seen here as frequency modulation (FM). Than we have pulse width (PW) and pulse width modulation for each oscillator. This could be the perfect synth for Nick from Sonicstate because it includes a lot of pulse width modulation.

On the filter side, we have a Oberheim SEM filter that can morph from lowpass to notch to high-pass. Also you can find a switch beside the morph knob a possibility to switch to a bandpass filter. Than we have two envelopes with attack, decay/release, sustain.

Than we have an arpeggiator with hold, different modes and the range. This can be also synced to the Note or to the LFO. Something very different in my eyes is the Patternator on the bottom right of the Fusebox Synthesizer. It’s possible that this will be a kind of note trigger with advanced features like: skipping notes, different length, and can be routed on three different parameters: cv, pitch and cutoff. It’s very possible that this patternator will make a lot of fun to creating interesting complex. patterns. In the middle, you have also an interval generator which can be routed to all oscillators or only to VCO1 and VCO2. It’s interesting to see what this can do. 

I’m looking forward to see all the features in details and to get more information about the price and availability.

More information will coming later here: Analog Solutions

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