Ampify Groovebox For iOS Released – The Next Generation Beats & Synth Music Studio For Everyone

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You can still remember Blocs Wave from, the app which is a sample and loop complete studio for iOS. The same company (subsidiary of Focusrite / Novation) has changed as first big news the name to Ampify and the second, they have an amazing new app. For this new app, they followed the idea to create an electronic groovebox with Synthesizers and beat making aspects. The sound engine is developed in partnership with the Novation crew. 

You can see it as a Novation Circuit for iOS because it followed the same idea to bring Synthesizers and beats to one portable device. It’s a free app which includes some in-app-purchases but personally a really cool new app that includes a great interface for quick creative results. 

Available here: Groovebox for iOS

Groovebox – A New Beats & Synth Music Studio for iPad & iPhone. 

If you love making electronic music, you’ll love Groovebox. Enter an inspiring world of music production on your iPhone & iPad.
Groovebox is a free, beautifully designed music studio app packed with inspiring synths and drum machines. In minutes you’ll be making beats, melodies, and playing with world-class instruments. Expand your own collection with more sounds and instruments available in the store. From the creators of Launchpad, Groovebox helps you produce music on iPhone & iPad.

A Beats & Synth Music Studio

Play with touchable instruments to quickly create your own beats and melodies, or draw in notes. Need inspiration? Groovebox has hundreds of patterns and sounds to get you started. Two powerful synthesisers, designed in partnership with Novation, deliver deep retro basslines and analogue harmonic melodies. The modern drum machine, with expanding drumkit library, will turn Groovebox into your go-to beat production studio.

Synths Designed in Partnership with Novation

Designed in partnership with legendary synth pioneers Novation, Groovebox packs a world-class sound. Each instrument uses a new powerful synth engine capable of recreating classic warm analogue sounds and rich modern harmonics

Easy to start, Deep Enough to Master

Groovebox is designed to kick-start ideas, but it has serious features for artists and producers too. The advanced synth parameters* let you sculpt your own sounds. Included iPad mixer, note sequencer, key and scale modes let you control your sound. Export your sounds easily to a laptop to produce further. Sync to other apps or a laptop with Ableton Link. Connect using Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and even Export to Ableton Live seamlessly.

Ampify x Novation
We are Ampify, a unique innovative team formed from Novation, world-renowned music instrument pioneers. We’re responsible for some of the most popular music creation and remixing apps on Apple’s App Store. Launchpad for iOS has nearly 7 million downloads, and Blocs Wave for iOS won a number of prestigious awards. Our team, originally called Blocs, is now known as Ampify.
Highlight Features
  • Three powerful instruments – Drumbox, Retrobass and Poly-8
  • Discover and build ideas – Quickly explore sounds with hundreds of melody and rhythm patterns
  • Play touchable instruments – Create your own melodies and beats 
  • Build beats – Play drum pads or keys, sequence notes or use patterns
  • Sound innovation – Synths developed in partnership with legendary Novation 
  • Expand your sounds – Regular, fresh-content drumpacks, presets and patterns*
  • Production-ready sounds – Crafted by world-class sound designers and artists
  • Extendable Instruments – Expose more tweakable synth controls*
  • Sequence your music – Draw notes and build patterns instead of playing them
  • Express your sounds – Edit the velocity within your patterns.
  • Stay in time and key – Choose from any tempo, key or musical scale
  • Mix your music – 8-track mixer on iPad. Instrument focus mixer on iPhone.
  • Share your music – Easily create a mix of your music to share with others

* In-App Purchase

Advanced Key Features (In More Detail)
  • Jam with others – Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, Ableton Link and Ableton Export 
  • Ableton Export – Easily send your project to Ableton Live
  • Full scale support – All keys and major, minor and modes supported
  • Project management – Rename, duplicate and delete 
  • iPad Pro support – Optimised to use the entire iPad Pro screen
  • Send your ideas to a laptop – Batch export your pads as a .zip file, or use Ableton Export
  • Bluetooth speaker supported

Groovebox Pricing
Groovebox for iOS is free to download (with In-App Purchase Pro-Features). All instruments can be expanded to show more controls for deeper editing at $4.99, £4.99, €5.49. Each instrument also has a soundpack store. Soundpacks are either Drumpacks (with samples & patterns), or Presetpacks (with presets & patterns) costing $1.99, £1.99, €2.29 each. More free soundpacks will also in future.

Available here: Groovebox for iOS

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