A New Unique Pitch Shifter Effect And Instrument Released By Virsyn For iOS

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Virsyn is best-known for some very different app designs. For the latest app. they released a new unique pitch shifter that allows to create complex pitch shifted sounds.

Available here: Harmony Eight for iOS

Up to eight pitch shifted voices are created from vocal input or monophonic instruments. Position each voice in space ( left and right / front and back ) Modify the voice character from male to female and vice versa. Pitch shift each voice in the range of +/- one octave with preserving of formants for natural sound. 

Applying separate feedback delays on each voice creates complex rhythmical patterns.

Features of Harmony Eight 

  • 8 Voice Pitch Shifter with formant correction
  • 8 Independent delay lines with optional sync
  • Spatial voice positioning
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Integrated Compressor/Limiter/Noise Gate
  • Ensemble effect
  • Reverb effect
  • AudioUnit for AUv3 compatible hosts.
  • Inter-app audio compatible effect.
  • Audiobus 2 compatible with state saving.
  • Support for Ableton Link
  • Low latency live usage with mic and headphones.
  • Audio recorder

Virsyn Harmony Eight is now available in a special introductory price of 6.99$

Available here: Harmony Eight for iOS 

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