Upgrade Your Music Production Toolbox With The Latest TrackSpark Subscription Bundle

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When your main music production happen always inside a digital audio workstation with a lot of plugins, you come maybe daily to a situation where you get nice deals with new software products with big discounts but you can’t afford them. Don’t be sad because there is something really cool for budget musicians. TrackSpark is a subscription service that offers you per month a bundle of plugins, soundsets, samples, loops and workshops for a low price of 5.99$. I use this bundle already now 1 year and I’m still happy a pay customer. Each month, I received new full version plugins which cost normally far more than the subscription price. What is cool here: the plugins works also after finishing the subscription, so the ownership is still at your side. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest often in new tools for your music production, than check out the TrackSpark subscription service.

The company launched today its May Goody bag offering a new collection of production tools for an affordable price. This month per example you receive the Tek’it DigitD high-quality overdrive distortion plugin for PC & Mac. (priced normally 39$) 

Also this momth, you recieve three soundsets from Bjulin Waves (InspireMe Vol.04 + 05 + 06), Royality free sessions stems & loops and a tutorial by Rich Lewis on layering synths.

As well as recording high quality live recorded loops & samples at Track Spark HQ every month, third party developers making plugins, sample packs, VST instruments & tutorials include products of theirs in our goody bag that our members get to keep for their subscription fee of $5.99/mo.

We also offer exclusive discounts on various products from the partners we’re working with in that particular month. That means huge savings on plugins, sample packs, music production courses, vst instruments & loops.

The Track Spark subscription is available now for $5.99 USD /month. New users can sign up to get now a month for free.

Available here: TrackSpark

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