Sugar Bytes News: Polyrhythmic Update For Egoist Slicer & New GUI For Unique Synthesizer

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Beside the big release of Unique Synthesizer for iPad and iPhone, Sugar Bytes also released today some major updates for their slicer instrument Egoist and for the Unique Synthesizer for PC & Mac. The Unique Synthesizer update is the smallest one that includes a new shiny GUI and full Native Instruments NKS support. For me personal, it looks now far better than before. To the counterpart of the Unique update, Egoist receive a massive update with a lot of new features. The sequencers per example can operate now in a new polyrhythmical way. This transform Egoist in a even more complex slicer sampler instrument and brings massive new creative ideas to musicians. This update is available now for both platforms: plugin and iOS free of charge. 

Update to Version 1.5 : Free for users: new GUI and NKS

The update sets new accents in visual language, concept and user experience. With its minimal flat design, version 1.5 departs from the somewhat stale skeuomorphism and pays hommage to the classics of German industrial design. Adjust any control and the new GUI will come up with the respective values and scales! We find the new design very apropos and like working with it. Chapeau & Thanks to Max Mondon Design.
Native’s Kontrol Standard (NKS) is quickly spreading in the industry and we also think that it’s a good move towards integration for all the friends of NI’s great tools out there. We added NKS support to Unique, providing perfect integration with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol.

What’s New in Version 1.5.0
  • Ableton Link Integration (iPad) 
  • All Sequencers polyrhythmic now with independent clock dividers (iPad/Plugin) 
  • Monophonic mode for Slicer (iPad /Plugin) 
  • Scales available in Bass Engine (iPad /Plugin) 
  • Filter now with 7 mod sources (iPad /Plugin) 
  • Panning for Hi-Hats (iPad/Plugin)
  • New Content: presets, new slicing samples and a fresh beatkit: ‚Cwejman S1’ (iPad/Plugin)

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