Squarp Instruments Released PyraOS 2.0 Firmware For Pyramid Sequencer With Massive New Features

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The french developer Squarp Instruments released today a significant update for their Pyramid Sequencer. The new PyraOS 2.0 update includes a new master transpose feature, 32 patterns per track and much more. Really great to see how this sequencer grows from the initial version to know.

New in PyraOS 2.0

New features STEP mode 
  • 2ND+COPY (without selecting any step) now copies all events of the current page
  • 2ND+PASTE (without selecting any step) now pastes from the first step of the current page
  • 2ND+DELETE now deletes all events of the current page
  • Chord learn in stepmode EUCLID: use an external controller (or the integrated keypad while pressing the main encoder) to input a chord instead of a note. You can change the chord with your external controller in all modes. Each track can store its own chord.
  • In stepmode NOTE or CHORD, hold 2ND and press a step to mute/unmute it (works in MONO/POLY editing).

New features TRACK mode
  • Assign the track channel to MASTER TRANSPOSE output (with TRACK+CHANNEL), in order to transpose any track which is ‘TRSP’ (TRANSPOSE ENABLED)
  • Quick channel output when TRACK+CHANNEL is selected: rotate encoder 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
  • ZOOM, LENGTH or SIGNATURE quick selection 
    • press a pad (from 1 to 7) while holding TRACK+ZOOM to select the zoom (from /4 to x16)
    • press a pad (from 1 to 16) while holding TRACK+LENGTH to select the track length (from 1 to 16 bars)
    • press a pad (from 1 to 16) while holding TRACK+SIGNATURE to select the time signature left (from 1/x to 16/x)
  •  In any mode, press 2ND+TRACK to enter TRACK SETTINGS:
    • NAME: set the track name
    • RUN: set the track run mode by selecting RUN
    • TRSP: select if the track can be transposed with a MASTER TRANSPOSE track. You can also transpose with an external keyboard (SETTINGS > MIDI IN > ASSIGN NOTE TO = MASTER TRANSPOSE)
    • PTRN: enable/disable patterns on the current track
    • PC MSB LSB: set default Program Change and Bank messages per tracks by rotating encoders 1, 2 and 3
  • In any mode, press STEP+A PAD to select a pattern (from P1 to P32):
  • In TRACK MODE, rotate the menu encoder right to enter the new trackmode PATTERN, in order to select a pattern, copy/paste/delete a pattern

New features SEQ Mode 
  • New SEQ PERFORM option: FULL (play the full sequence length)
New features EFFECT
  • FX randomizer new parameter: NOTE LENGTH (when selected, enables the parameter GRID). Resizes all notes of the track to the selected grid, and then randomizes their length
  • FX scale new parameter options: STICK = FILTER (do not play notes outside the scale) and RAND1 anIn FX MANAGER, or in FX EDIT, press encoder 1, 2, 3 or 4 to directly enter an effect.
New features ASSIGN 
  • Possibility to assign up to 4 analog inputs to control CC messages or FX parameters:
    • Plug a stereo 3.5 jack while holding ASSIGN
    • Assign the HOT and the COLD voltage
  • Assign a CC message (received from midi IN) to an other CC message or to a FX parameter: stop Pyramid and hold ASSIGN while sending the CC message on your midi controller.
New features SETTINGS 
  • MIDI IN > ASSIGN NOTE TO = MASTER TRANSPOSE (the external keyboard will transpose all ‘TRANSPOSE ENABLED’ tracks)
  • MIDI IN > TRANSPOSE NOTE (to select the root note of the transposition)
  • CV/PEDAL > CV IN FINE and CV OUT FINE (from -100mV to +100mV)
  • MISC > STEP EDIT = ON / OFF (activate STEP EDIT by default)
  • If MIDI IN > PYRAMIDI activated, you can now mute/unmute track with an external keyboard: note 36 (C2) = mute/unmute track 01, note 99 (D7#) = mute/unmute track 64
  • If MIDI IN > PYRAMIDI activated, you can now select the previous sequence with the CC message 67 and the next sequence with the CC message 68.
    • MULTITRACK OFF (all received channels controls the current track)
    • MULTITRACK BANK A / MULTITRACK BANK B / MULTITRACK BANK C / MULTITRACK BANK D (received channel 01 controls the first track, received channel 02 controls the second track… of the selected bank)
    • CH01 … CH16 (the selected channel controls the current track, other channels are sent thru MIDI A)
  • SAVE > SAVE TRACKS now save default tracks NAME, tracks TRANSPOSE ENABLE and tracks PATTERN ENABLE (together with track OUTPUT & CHANNEL)
  • MISC > PATTERN DELAY (INSTANT or SEQ PERFORM) select if, when you change the pattern in trackmode PATTERN, the change is instant or synced to SEQ PERFORM delay.
  •  MISC > AUTO PATTERN = OFF / AT NEW SEQ (when you create a new sequence, patterns can be auto selected or not)
  • INFO > MIDI MONITOR IN / OUT (in order to display all inputted midi messages, and all outputted midi messages)

New features CV/Gate output 
  • Calibration tool: power on Pyramid while pressing encoder 5 at startup.
  • Configure the ENV output as a second CV output to send note: hold TRACK+CHANNEL and rotate left the menu encoder while pressing it.
  • CV OUT voltage now consider the PITCH midi message (+1/-1 octave)

New features TOUCHPAD
  • Touchpad latency improved
  • Now, when the touchpad is assigned to SMARTPADS, a popup appears with the selected smartpads.

New features SCREEN 
  • New track parameters display, with number of beats
  • New settings list display
  • Zoom is now /4 /2 x1 x2 x4 x8 x16 instead of 25% 50% 100% 200% 400% 800% 1600%
  • Program change now follow the midi writing standard and goes from 1 to 128 (instead of 0 to 127)
  • Note velocity, note length and note offset are now always displayed in STEP mode
  • New TRACK+DISP display
  • New SAVE/LOAD display

New features SAVE LOAD
  • NOTES and AUTOMATIONS are now saved in the same midi file (track01.mid, track02.mid, track03.mid, …)
  • PATTERNS of a track are saved into a midi file, format 1 (multiple pattern file format)
  • Backup files are now saved in the folder BACKUP

Bug fixes
  • All bugs with PATTERNS and UNDO
  • USB problems with FH-1 and MacOS solved
PyraOS 2.0 is available now free of charge for existing users of the Squarp Instruments Pyramid Sequencer. 

More informations here: Squarp Instruments Pyramid Sequencer

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