Significant Price Increases On The Europe Apple AppStore !

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On Monday, we celebrated the beginning of May with a holiday but when we watch the Apple Appstore, we missed the appetite for new apps. Apple has increased over the holidays all apps prices in the European area by one or more euros. Per example Moog Model D Synthesizer cost in April 29.99 € but cost now 32.99 €. Also the loved AUM app which cost in April 18.99€ cost now 20.99€. These are significant new prices which hurt a lot the normal customer. 

The biggest price difference happened for the digital audio workstation Logic Pro X. The software cost before the month May 199.99 € in the appstore. Now it’s available for 229.99€. That’s a massive price difference of 30 €.

The reason why Apple increased all the prices is due of exchange rate changes. It’s interesting to see that Apple rise the price immediately if the exchange rate adjustments are corrected upward. But when they are adjusted downwards, however, one hears very little from the same companies. They are usually faster to increase prices than to shrink.
I’m not happy to publish this news because the cheap way to making music on iPhones and iPad’s becomes more expensive for the same thing. Paying the price of 32.99€ for the Moog Model 15 worth absolutely but it’s a shame to see such a increase of the price for the same thing. We can hope all that the prices will go down when they adjust them downwards but I don’t have a lot hopes for this. After the massive increase in the price of the new Macbook Pro and now wit the apps, Apple shows us more often his true face. Making more and more money. 

A bad day for music making on iPad and iPhone…  

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  1. I moved back to PC/VST music making, because the App Store is a mess and because of the extra squeezing of its customers. In-app purchases, app rental, dollar to pound straight conversion and general cost increases. Apple, unfortunately has proven itself to be unreliable and unable to show the customers the respect they deserve.

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