No-Brainer Sale: TB Stuff iTuttle Synthesizer For iPad

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Before some years, the market of iOS Synthesizers was not yet so overcrowd than now. At that time there were already good sounding apps available but not very many. TB Stuff iTuttle Synthesizer was one of the great sounding apps for this time period and is still available today. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t receive any update from the developer but on my iPad it still works fine. I write this news on my iPad because iTuttle is currently available with massive discount. I don’t know how long it will last but you can buy it now for only 0.99$. For this low price, it’s a good and versatile Synthesizer with a lot of interesting features. 

  • 9 Oscillators section organized on 4 Oscillator Modes (Ramp, Pulse, Triangle, TriRamp, Sinus, Bi Pulse, Bi Ramp & Digital Noise)
  • White Noise
  • Full Stereo path (from Oscillators Section to FX)
  • Pharaphony switch on all oscillator modes (up to three voice)
  • 7 Filter types : 24dB/oct Filters (Low Pass, Band Pass, Notch & Hi Pass) Comb Filters (Comb + and Comb -) Formant
  • 3 Envelopes 
  • 2 LFOs (11 waveforms with Generalized PWM, even with Sinus/Cosinus)
  • 2 X/Y Pads 
  • 8 Modulation Slots (20 Sources and 67 Destinations !!!)
  • Arpeggiator with Shuffle/Groove, Step Controls and MIDI sending
  • Stereo Delay with delay time modulation capability
  • Full MIDI implementation (including MIDI CC Learn)
  • Background Audio
  • AudioBus support
  • Inter-App Audio support
  • User Bank sharing with Mail/Safari

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