New Photos Published! Baloran The River Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Prototype II

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Baloran released this week new photos of the River analog polyphonic Synthesizer. They don’t change the features but change a bit the colour design of the unit. In my opinion, it looks now even better in this black edition than in the previous white design. Check below the photos of this new front design of the River Synthesizer prototype II. Thanks to for releasing this news.

Some of the features: 
  • 8 voices 
  • 2 VCO based on the Moog Source (more advanced) 
  • Ladder VCFilter 
  • VCO mod via Envelope 
  • PWM & FM 
  • Discrete LFO’s & ENV’s (2x) 
  • Global Digital LFO 
  • 8x Multi-timbral 
  • Arpeggiator & Sequencer per Voice 
  • 5 Octave Fatar TP/8S Keyboard 
  • Analog Tri Chorus 
  • Modulationmatrix 

Check also here one of the released videos with early sound demos 

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