Grab For Free Only Today The Positive Grid Pro Series High-Quality EQ For PC & Mac

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Update: The Free Offer is already over 🙁 

Positive Grid announced today its Memorial Day Sale, offering special discounts on its products until May 31rd. For this event, you can grab for FREE only today the Pro Series EQ, a high-quality EQ with three different EQ characteristics. It’s based on the matching technology by Positive Grid that allows to recreate analog equalizers at the component level. An absolute no-brainer for all music producer. 

The Pro Series EQ is a matching equalizer that is able to recreate outboard analog equalizers at the component level. Analog filters were used to match the frequency response for the digital, tube, and passive EQ modules.

The EQ match works by analyzing the signal from the input track and side chain track – you can even see the frequency response of the matching process in real time. It then analyzes the difference curve between input and side chain, and automatically adjusts the controls to match the different curves.
The Pro Series EQ match process uses analog filters to match the frequency response difference, without adding post filters to compensate the frequency response difference. The end result is a more natural sound with real world analog sound characteristics.
The Pro Series EQ for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available only for free today. (normally $199 USD).
More informations here: Positive Grid

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