Create Realistic Bells and Plucked Instruments With The First Physical Modelling Synthesizer For Reason 9

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Physical Modelling is still one of the most interesting sound technologies available today. Plugins like Chromaphone from AAS demonstrated well how intensive and different these Synthesizers are. They allow users to create sounds not possible with virtual analog synths like very realistic bells and plucked instruments. I’m a big fan of this synthesis because it goes far beyond the classic thinkings of synthesis.

Today, all Reason users can be happy because Robotic Bean AB announced the official release of the first Physical modelling Synthesizer for the Rack Extension format. Resonans Physical Synthesizer is a complete new development and not available before for this music environment. Check below all the features of this amazing release.


Resonans is a physical modelling synthesizer, the first of its kind in Reason. Create realistic bells and plucked instruments, or strange otherworldly textures with an organic feel. The two physical models are driven by an impulse section consisting of a noise generator, a sampler, and a live audio input. The advanced modulation capabilities and built-in effects make Resonans a complete package for your physical sound design needs!













  • 2 physical models: Modal Resonator and Inharmonic String
  • Noise generator and sampler
  • Live audio input with transient detector
  • Multimode state variable filter with Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass modes
  • Sub oscillator
  • 3 envelope generators
  • LFO and Vibrato
  • 2 key switches and a velocity switch, with MIDI Learn
  • Trigger inputs for the key switches
  • Modulation matrix with nested menus and drag & drop
  • 4 assignable modulation CV inputs and outputs
  • Reverb and delay with tilt EQ
  • Stereo FX audio input
  • Full Remote and automation support
  • Over 200 patches by renowned sound designers
Resonans Physical Synthesizer is now available in the Propellerhead shop for an special introduction price of 89€ (normally 119$). As usual, you can download for free a 30 days full function trial version and please note that this product requires Reason 9.2.

More informations here: Robotic Bean AB Resonans 

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