Befaco Launched Jumpskiff – A New Slim Designed DIY Eurorack Case With A Power Solution

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Befaco released this week a very cool DIY Eurorack skiff with an integrated power supply and bus. It features a very slim design and is a perfect solution for portable eurorack systems. Worthwhile to say is that lovely designed DIY power solution is on top very affordable. Check below for me informations about Jumpskiff.

The Jumpskiff is a portable 98HP skiff with integrated power supply and bus. It is made from lightweight and flexible materials including a PCB base (which doubles as the bus board) and side panels, acrylic end panels and aluminium rails.
The integrated power supply outputs 625mA at +/- 12V rails and 1A at the +5V. The bus board offers 14x IDC power connections.

  • Input: 15 – 20V AC
  • Output: +/-12V: 625mA, -5V: 1A
  • Width: 98 HP
  • Depth: 52 mm
  • Connectors: 14x IDC
  • All design, kit preparation and module assembly completed with love in Barcelona

Befaco Jumpskiff DIY Kit is now available for 259.95€ (incl. VAT and shipping) from the official Befaco webstore.

Available here: Befaco Jumpskiff

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