AVA Kolektiv & Bastl Instruments Ritual Groove Vienna Report

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Last Saturday, the AVA Kolektiv, organised in Vienna the Ritual Groove event, an excellent experimental music event. AVA is a music community that organise regular experimental events like live concerts, radio shows or podcasts. The whole events take always place in a cozy and stress-free environment.

For the event on Saturday, they loaned the wonderful location Mo ë in Vienna and invite a wide range of different artists to play live sets. The location will close unfortunately the doors end of May but in my opinion a wonderful place to discover such music. To strengthen the event, Bastl Instruments joined the boat and brought some amazing performers from Brno with. While the entire day, visitors had the possibility to participate on workshops, drinking a coffee by the coffee roasters company Koffein from Brno and enjoy some music.  Obviously, some Czech beer could not be missing on such an event. 

On the picture below, you can see the main room where all the nice concerts happened accompanied by nice visuals on the wall. From classical modular Synthesizer music, experimental noisy tracks to very chill and ambient DJ sets. For every taste of music was provided the entire day.To make it even more special, the evening program took place under the name Silent Disco where visitors worn headphones to follow the entire music. 

In overall, a really nice event to meet new friends, relax in a cozy location and enjoy some excellent experimental music. More pictures from this event, you can discover on my flickr account. You will find a link just below.

More informations: AVA kolektiv  Bastl Instruments

All pictures from: AVA Kollektiv & Bastl Instruments Ritual Groove Vienna

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