SuperBooth 2017: Enter In New Sound Spheres With The LeafAudio DIY Microphonic Soundbox

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LeafAudio announced today that they will release on SuperBooth a new experimental instrument. After using this awesome instrument long time in their own music production, the company decided to released as commercial product. Microphonic will be available currently only as DIY Kit in the LeafAudio workshops at SuperBooth but after they will offer more workshops with this awesome device. 

I hope a lot that they will make more of this device available because it’s sounds really different and let you enter in new sound spheres. Magnificent device for experimental and alternative music.

When I started experimental music back in the 90ties, I built myself an instrument which became the trademark sound of my project and sound design work. Now we re-created this instrument as a DIY kit for our workshops. In the video clip you see the prototype and hear sounds based on this instrument. Will be available from this summer. 

Online Distribution of our kits:

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