RHS 0-Toast for Audulus 3 Modular Synthesizer – Virtual Clone of the Make Noise 0-Coast

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A user from the Audulus 3 forum released this week an excellent Make Noise 0-Coast emulation / clone for this great virtual modular Synthesizer. This new devices really demonstrate how deep and powerful Audulus 3 is. 

Available here: Audulus 3

With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency real-time processing suitable for live performance. Audulus’s user interface is clean, simple, and easy to learn, allowing you to focus on sound – now made easier than ever with nearly 100 built-in Eurorack-style modules.

User Robert Syrett write in the forum:

“So I pieced together an audulus version of the 0-coast. Everything sounds “kinda” like my actual 0-coast, but the aliased waveforms really give it a different character, especially in the upper registers (which I have denoted as the red zone on the pitch knob). Also, the 0-coast has some unspecified magic on the linear fm input which I am pretty sure has a vactrol in it and has a rather unique effect on the pitch. There are likely a dozen or so such small differences, but I set up some parallel patches and they sounded pretty close.
So without further ado, I present the RHS 0-Toast!”
Available here for free for users of Audulus 3: Audulus RHS 0-Toast
Available here for Mac: Audulus 3
Available here for PC/Linux: Audulus 3

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