Percussa Synthor System 8 available now to pre-order

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Back on NAMM 2017, Percussa announced the very special Snythor System 8 Synthesizer. Now the company released a message that Synthor System 8 is now available for pre-order. 

Synthor System 8 consists of our ENGINE standalone digital synthesizer, REMOTE control surface and wireless AUDIOCUBES, and is the first wireless digital modular synthesis system in the world, completely standalone, no computer needed. The pre-orders for Synthor System 8 are now also officially open, and the first professional artists have placed their order for a system. You can build and order your own customized system at
If you already have wireless AUDIOCUBES, you can decide to buy only REMOTE and ENGINE for example, or if you also have the REMOTE, you can just buy the ENGINE, and so on.We’ve built a completely new website to accompany Synthor System 8, with high quality photos and all the technical specifications of the hardware. More videos and photos will be added to the site in the next weeks.
Percussa Synthor System 8 is available for a price of $1550 USD,  Percussa Control Surface & Base Station for $750 USD, Audiocubes Wireless Patching Interface $230 USD and Aluminum Rack Ears $100 USD. All prices are without VAT and shipping. 
More Informations here: Percussa Synthtor System 8 

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