Sinevibes released Dispersion – Bouncing Ball Delay Effect for Mac

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Some days ago, Sinevibes teased a new plugin and now it’s ready. Sinevibes announced the release of Dispersion, a unique delay modelling effect for Mac. I’m a big fan of this plugins because they have all an experimental approach and can’t be compared with other plugins on the market. Unfortunately as usual, the plugins exists only for Mac. 

Available here: Sinevibes Dispersion

Sinevibes is excited to announce Dispersion, a unique delay modeling effect for Mac. Via a special formula developed at Sinevibes, it configures multiple delay lines so that their times are spread in a non-linear fashion – but always summing up to a defined rhythmical duration. As a result, this delay network sounds like a natural phenomenon, yet with its timing precisely synchronized to the beat. Featuring multiple feedback tail shaping and modulation options, Dispersion is not only capable of doing “bouncing ball delay” effects, but also scattering reflections, shuffle delays, stereo-widening choruses and grainy reverbs.

As always in a Sinevibes product, this plugin includes a color-coded user interface with a clean and simple layout. It has good contrast and highly legible typography that work well in both studio and outdoor lighting. Plus, thanks to its animated elements, Dispersion always brings a touch of fun and enjoyment to your workflow.

  • Up to 16 connected delay lines with non-linear time spread formula.
  • Variable feedback with gradual and stepped fade modes.
  • Variable low-frequency and high-frequency feedback damping.
  • Adjustable delay time modulation with stereo phase offset.
  • Color-coded user interface with animated transitions between settings.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated graphics rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.
Available here: Sinevibes Dispersion

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