Black Friday Sale: AIR Music Tech Bundle No-Brainer

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The special sales for the Black Week continues. As I mention already some more time in the past, AIR Music Tech offers a wide range of instruments and effects for a no brainer price. If you follow my instructions, you can buy a bundle of Synthesizers, effects, piano and more for an amazing low price. We talk here about a massive bundle of plugins and sounds for only 74€. For this money, you can trust me that this bundle is an absolute no-brainer with thousands of possibilities and sounds.

STEP 1: Visit the Audio Deluxe Webstore and buy the 1 USD plugin Xpand!2. If you have already this plugin or another one, you can go to Step 2.
STEP 2: You can buy here the upgrade from AIR Xpand!2 or from any other instrument plugin from AIR Music Tech. Please use for the upgrade this store so you support this blog and channel. Big Thanks
I tested some of the included instruments and created video content for it, check it out here:

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