Black Friday Sale 2016: U-HE Diva 5th Birthday Event

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Before 5 years, the fantastic sounding DIVA Synthesizer by U-HE was released. To be honest, Native Instruments Monark or other competitors sounds nice but don’t come to this richness of quality. In my opinion, it sounds like analog hardware Synthesizer and you can close your eyes. I’m pretty sure: it’s hard to find out what DIVA is or the hardware Synth. For this special birthday event, U-HE announced the first ever sale for Black Friday. 


The system is a bit special. Until the 29 of November, loyal customers can generate a coupon code with a specific amount of discount. This value of your coupon is based how many u-he plug-ins you currently own:
  • 1-2 plug-ins: 25% off
  • 3-5 plug-ins: 30% off
  • 6-8 plug-ins: 35% off
  • 9+ plug-ins: 40% off
For all other users, you can grab now DIVA Synthesizer with a special 30% OFF sale. 

More Informations here: U-HE DIVA Birthday
For this event, I will make a special 50% OFF discount on my DIVA The Red Diva Library.
My library is available here: DIVA The Red Diva Library


  1. Also I dont understand 9+ plugins discount. Isnt u-he have only 9 plugins? (Diva is one of them) or they count preset packs and ZebraHZ too?

  2. Hello. U-he makes very rare sales. When offer discount than only on their plugins. U-he have plugins, some are older but 9 plugins are more actual. ZebraHZ is a counted as a preset pack because it includes a lot of new presets crafted for the Dark Knight soundtrack. The expanded engine is a bonus in this pack. Normally they give no discounts of preset packs.

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