BASSalicious by Gospel Musicians – Mono Synthesizer for iPad and IOS AU

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Gospel Musicians released BASSalicious, a mono Synthesizer for iPad, IOS AU and as plugin. In this version for iPad, you receive a limited free app but must buy an IAP for receiving the full version. Personally, I must say here, for the money what this IAP cost, you receive also some other apps for less money. For me it’s again a emulation of an analogue mono Synthesizer and so nothing complete new.
If you want to purchase a Synth for lower price, check out the Viking Synth which has a same good sound but for a better price. I don’t love the IAP things for full versions. If you want to check out it, you can download it for free and try it. If you are happy with it, you can even buy the IAP purchase.

BASSalicious is available here free but with an IAP for full version

Dedicated monophonic synth bass synthesizer featuring the NEW iOS AudioUnit Version 3 plugin architecture.
  • 21 VA Wavetable Waveforms with PWM
  • 4 Oscillators
  • AMP with 4 Modulators
  • Circuit Modeled Filter Section with Velocity
  • LFO with Aftertouch
BASSalicious is a dedicated monophonic synth bass plugin with a single focus on sound. All of the synthesis and filters are custom tweaked with our own personality and our urban ear. When we first set out to produce BASSalicious, it came from a need we had. All of our plugins come from a musical need first. We noticed that there were a ton of synth bass libraries out there that focused solely on dubstep and wobble bass sounds, but not that much out there for the urban community and that pure synth bass classic sound. Sure there are the sample based ones, but you run into problems with samples when trying to produce a realistic glide effect that is so essential to urban synth bass music. The other thing we were dissatisfied with were the oscillators themselves. You see, in order to reduce aliasing, most wavetable synths reduce the bandwidth and filter out frequencies so it doesn’t alias. The problem with this is that you filter out the good stuff along with it. We figured out a unique compromise, where we can give you the full band of the wavetable, while at the same time reducing aliasing. Our method is very unorthodox, but it works, because the technology will always take a back seat to the sound, and not the other way around: “If it sounds good, then it is good.”

Furthermore, we used an analog modeled filter that was approximated using real circuit designs. The complete topology was modeled with all of the aspects of the electronic components involved, and then converted over to source code. The result is a very organic sounding synth bass plugin, which has no hint of that cold digital wavetable sound. This is what we mean when we say it has an “organic sound.” This is what you hear in urban music. Each key piece has it’s own sound, color, and character to it. It’s not trying to be something else. It’s it’s own individual and we achieved this with BASSalicious. Remember the first time you heard Neo-Soul Keys® and your ears were suddenly opened to the sound you always wished you had, but could never achieve.

The first oscillator is free. You will have access to all of the synth functions. After you purchase, you will get access to the other 3 oscillators as well as the 63 high quality custom synth bass presets.

AudioUnit Plugin:
As an added bonus, we have adopted the new AudioUnit standard, so now you can seamlessly use BASSalicious inside of your favorite iOS DAW as if it was apart of the sequencer. Presets that you make in the app and/or the plugin will be shared automatically.

The recommended iPad devices are the iPad 4th generation and higher, with the exception of the iPad 3

Available here: BASSalicious iPad

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