7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth – Monostereo Synthesizer (Free IOS Synthesizer)

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Here is a demo of the Monostereo Synthesizer for iPad

MonoStereo Synthesizer is a free full-featured analog mono synth with oscillator panning.

The synth is completely free with no in-apps. If you feel the need to pay something for it, go see a gig by a local band! If that doesn’t cover it, buy their t-shirt! (or their CD if you have one of those CD-players we used to have 3 years ago)


  • Minimalistic size, fast loading time and CoreMIDI Support!
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support
  • 3 Oscillators with customisable waveform (sine, square, saw), phase, level, detune and pan
  • Lowpass and Highpass filters
  • 2 LFO’s with customisable targets from filter values to oscillator panning and detune
  • Filter and Amp Envelopes
  • Portamento (almost named that ‘Glide’ but came to my senses. Portamento is portamento!)
  • Delay and Chorus effects (very basic, I know)
  • A few presets
  • Saving and loading your own sounds
  • Virtual keyboard

Monostereo Synthesizer is available for free

Available here: Monostereo Synthesizer


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