Do Not Miss These Hardware Synthesizer Deals For Black Friday

Black Friday is not only the time for discounts on software but also on hardware synthesizers, I’ve found the best for you.

Every year, software manufacturers attract us with massive discounts of up to 99% OFF. Crazy, indeed. However, one is gladly forgotten. Even hardware Synthesizer developers have discovered the discount battle and try to offer their instruments cheaper during these days. I picked out the best deals in my opinion. For readers from Europe as well as the USA, for both, there are some deals available.

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Black Friday Hardware Synthesizer Deals

KORG Minilogue xd

With the Minilogue xd, KORG presented an exciting hybrid Synthesizer at the NAMM this year. Well-known analog technology from the first Minilogue coupled with digital power from the multi-engine, in which you can exchange oscillators and effects.

The Minilogue xd is currently available with a 18,49% OFF discount at the german music retailers Thomann and Musicstore. Please don’t compare software with hardware discounts. Almost 20% OFF on a hardware Synthesizer that has not been on the market for a year is a huge discount. There is no information how long this offer is valid. For USA readers, there is currently no offer on the Minilogue XD in the states.

KORG Minilogue xd

Available here: Thomann (partner link)  Musicstore

KORG Prologue (US Only) 

Do not be sad, my US readers. You have no Minilogue xd special deal but offers on other KORG synthesizers. Among other things, there is a $ 200 discount on the Prologue 8 and 16 series. The Prologue is the big brother of the Minilogue xd with a bigger interface, full-size keys and more voices. But minus the sequencer.

KORG Prologue

The Prologue 8 is currently available for $799,99 USD and Prologue 8 for $1299,99.

Available here: 

Prologue 8: Sweetwater (partner link), Perfect Circuit

Prologue 16: Sweetwater (partner link), Perfect Circuit

Novation Circuit Mono Station

The journey continues to the UK where the company Novation is at home. With the Circuit Mono Station, the company introduced in 2017 a Synthesizer that merges analog synthesis with the concept of the best-seller Circuit groovebox.

In addition to the analog engine, the Circuit Mono Station has a very simple but versatile sequencer that can also control external devices.

For Black Friday, the Circuit Mono Station analog Synthesizer is available with a 50% OFF discount from the Focusrite/Novation or Thomann website where it’s even cheaper.

Available here: Novation, Thomann (partner link)

Arturia MiniBrute 2 & MiniBrute 2S

Arturia also has great Black Friday deals on hardware synthesizers. The MiniBrute 2 & MiniBrute 2 celebrate their second birthday next January during NAMM and are still exciting analog Synthesizers with a very own sound especially due to the Brute factor.

The second version are fit for the modular world and the developers has not only equipped them with a new advanced analog engine but also with a large patch panel. Plus a better arpeggiator/sequencer that goes even deeper on the MiniBrute 2S.

Both MiniBrutes (keyboard or sequencer version) are currently available with a 30% OFF discount worldwide what is a big discount. Not to forget the Arturia DrumBrute is also on sale with a 22% OFF discount.

Available here: 

Arturia MiniBrute 2: Thomann (partner link), Musicstore, Sweetwater (partner link),

Arturia MiniBrute 2S: Thomann (partner link), MusicstoreSweetwater (partner link),

Sonicware ELZ.1

The Synthesizer market is dominated by the big ones: Arturia, Behringer, Roland, Korg, Novation etc. However, there are many small developer companies that bring unique devices to the market. One of them is Sonicware from Japan who presented the ELZ.1 at the NAMM 2018 in the halls of the guitars.

Initially stamped as an OP-1 clone, it turned out that ELZ.1 has different synthesis engines than the TE synth and many that you would not normally find in a synth of a big company.


Now it’s interesting to see that the price of the first Sonicware Synthesizer has dropped significantly. The Sonicware ELZ.1, initially introduced for 599€ is available now for 395€ what is a 34,06% OFF discount. At the beginning of the week, Musicstore had sold the synth even cheaper for 333 €. Unfortunately, all units are already gone.

Sonicware ELZ.1 is available here: Thomann (partner link)

IK Multimedia UNO Synth & UNO Drum

IK Multimedia has just started making analog instruments. The UNO Synth is a monophonic Synthesizer with a versatile sequencer, the UNO Drum combines analog drum synthesis with PCM samples. Both devices are very lightweight, compact and can be powered by batteries.

For some time, the price of both relatively new devices has fallen by a remarkable percentage, not extra for Black Friday. Why this happened, you do not know.

The UNO Synth initially started with a price tag of 239€ is now available for 172€ (28% OFF) and the UNO Drum for 215€ (instead of 300) (28% OFF).

Available here

IK UNO Synth: Thomann (partner link) Musicstore   Sweetwater (partner link) 

IK UNO Drum: Thomann (partner link) Musicstore  Sweetwater (partner link)

Elektron Model:Samples

I make an exception for Elektron and extend the list with groovebox deal. In January 2019 Elektron presented the Model: Samples, a sample-based groovebox at the NAMM show. Now there is already the first significant price crash. Currently, you can buy the Elektron Model:Samples exclusively at Thomann for 299€ instead of 439€ (initial price).

Why it came to this price change is not known. Officially, there is no Elektron Black Friday. Maybe the Model: Samples is not a success and so shops want to get rid of the stock.

Elektron Model:Samples


Available here: Thomann (partner link)

Black Corporation KIJIMI

Black Corporation, the Japanese Boutique Synthesizer manufacturer has today launched a Black Friday sale on the Kijimi Synthesizer (prebuilt version). Kijimi is an 8-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer that is inspired by the rare Polykobol Synthesizer. It features a full analog signal patch, MPE support as well as the possibility to save presets.

For a limited time, you can save $500 USD on the prebuilt version exclusively at the official web-store.

Black Corporation Kijimi

Available here: Black Corporation KIJIMI 

Analogue Solutions Fusebox

And finally, there is also a good deal on an analog boutique Synthesizer handcrafted in the UK. Analogue Solutions Fusebox is orange and is a patchable semi-modular analog Synthesizer with 3 VCOs, FM, built-in arpeggiator and more. The developer is known for a noble analog vintage sounds and unique synth designs.

Somewhat surprisingly to see that the Fusebox Synthesizer is now on offer with a hefty discount. Fusebox, started at 1519€ in Europe is available now at Thomann for 1111€ what is a 26% OFF discount. For comparison, Fusebox is currently listed in the US for $1599 USD but you get a Treadstone Synthesizer ($499) for free.


Analogue Solutions Fusebox is available here: Thomann (partner link)

Black Friday Music Tech Deals (Hardware & Software)

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