Erica Synths Introduced Black System II, A Setup For Versatile Basslines & Cosmic Sounds

Erica Synths Black System II debuts with 16 Eurorack modules from the Black Series including the flexible Wavetable VCO and the brand-new stereo delay. 

If you would like to have a Eurorack system, but do not like to invest a long time looking for the perfect modules, a complete system from a manufacturer could be the best fit for you. For example, Doepfer offers nice entry-level systems with the A-100 at moderate prices. If you want it more crazy and experimental, you should look at the systems of Erica Synths.

With the Black System II, the Latvian developers introduced a new Eurorack setup with a wide range of different modules. It includes 16 modules ranging from two VCO’s (analog & digital), two filters (one Polyvoks), modulators as well as effects (Stereo Delay). According to the developers, it allows you to create rich synth leads, massive bass-lines and cosmic sounds in stereo.

Erica Synths Black System 2


Black System II comes in Erica Synths 2x84HP skiff case (universal PSU included) and with 25 patch cables. Use it with keyboards, MIDI sequencers or as a standalone unit and with some creative patching you will find that possibilities of the system are virtually limitless.

Erica Synths Black System II is available now for pre-order for 2900€ (VAT excluded) and shipping starts on 16th of September 2019!

More information here: Erica Synths

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