Superbooth 19: MFB Announced SYNTH 8, 8-Voice Desktop Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The Fricke family has surprised us on the last day of the Superbooth 19. Today, MFB announced the SYNTH 8, a new 8-voice desktop polyphonic analog Synthesizer. It will have three oscillators, two filters, three envelopes, onboard effects, arpeggiator, step sequencer & more for an estimated price of 1000€.



  • 8 voice analog synth engine
  • 3 analog VCO’s (sawtooth, rectangle, triangle, ring modulator, and noise)
  • analog 24 dB lowpass filter
  • analog 12dB multifilter with lowpass, bandpass, and highpass
  • 2 analog VCA
  • 2 LFO’s
  • 3 envelope generators (2x ADSR) and 1 EG (AD)
  • effects: reverb, delay, chorus…
  • over 100 presets
  • arpeggiator and sequencer

First Look

MFB SYNTH 8 will be available in late 2019 for an estimated price of 1000€.

More information here: MFB 

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