Superbooth 19: Finegear Arkive_Effects Is A New Analog Multi-FX Unit

Ahead of Superbooth 2019, the French company Finegear has announced Arkive_Effects, a new analog multi-FX unit. It features 2 voltage controlled LFOs, 2 tape saturation units, a spring reverb, a delay, and a phaser. This new analog effect box is designed to experiment with effects.

So it is possible to modulate the effects individually with CV signals or just send another effect in the delay feedback loop.

Finegear Arkive_Effects

The Dust Collector honors and expands upon the history of experimentation in electronics, shaking the dust and ash that have settled over the 70’s: gritty, springy, phased magic dust that sticks to the tape and transforms your sound into a living, kicking and breathing organism – not necessarily pretty, but alive & authentic.

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