ValhallaDSP ValhallaDelay Plugin Is Coming Soon! First Sound Demos!

If you follow Sean Costello’s Twitter account, you will surely notice that a new Valhalla plugin will be released very soon. Now it is sure what it will be! It will be a new delay plugin named ValhallaDelay. Detailed features or even the interface are not yet known but if you look at the trailer video, the plugin will probably be a tape delay.

There are some amazing demos that demonstrate the sounding of this new effect from ValhallaDSP.

Moog Music Sirin Meets ValhallaDelay

Piano Meets ValhallaDelay By Simon Stockhausen

Atmospheric sounds with ValhallaDelay

Only from the first sound demos, I can say: it sounds damn awesome. Already now I have the feeling that you can use ValhallaDelay on everything¬†and it sounds instantly gorgeous, similar to the previous Shimmer plugin. Sure is: it will cost again $50 USD, so it’s almost a must-have for every DAW musician!

Features and release date: TBA

More information here: ValhallaDSP

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