Elastic FX 1.2 Adds New Effects (Distortion, Reverb…), Preamp Section & More!

MoMinstruments has today released an update for the Elastic FX app for iOS. The new version features new effects (overdrive, distortion, reverb…), a built-in noise gate, AudioShare export/import and more!

MoMinstruments Elastic FX 1.2

Connect EFX to any input source, like the devices built-in microphone, an external keyboard or guitar (iPad soundcard needed) or to your favorite iOS drum machine or synthesizer via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus. Or import a sound file into the app and alienate it with up to 4 different effects at the same time!

New In Elastic FX v1.2

  • Added Audioshare Export/Import.
  • “Open In” works from other apps now also.
  • Possibility to quickly record some audio in Audiofiles overlay.
  • Added Midi Bluetooth search.
  • New Big Reverb.
  • New Overdrive and Distortion effects especially made for guitar.
  • New preamp section (comes before other effects) consisting of:
    • New Noise Gate / Compressor.
    • New Tuner.
  • Debugged Background Audio option.
  • Bugfixes and improvements.

Elastic FX is available now from the App Store for $9.99 USD. Update 1.2 is free of charge for existing users.

More information: MoMinstruments

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