Birdkids Announced RAVEN – Analog Eurorack Synth Voice With A Touch West-Coast!

RAVEN by the Viennese company birdkids is a full-featured analog Eurorack synth voice that combines the advantages of east- & west-coast synthesis!

At this year’s Superbooth, the Viennese company birdkids has presented CROW, a futuristic and complex hardware interface. So you can make sounds with it, you need sound generators. Birdkids now provides this with a new beginner-friendly analog Eurorack synth voice. Again, one remains to the animal world and calls it RAVEN.

The module is based on a 100% analog, subtractive synthesis architecture but expanded with west-coast inspired VCA. It includes:

  • Dual, wide range voltage controlled oscillators
  • Voltage controlled filter (original TheBateleur)
  • Two voltage controlled amplifier outputs
  • A high-performance THAT 2162 Blackmer Ⓡ VCA 
  • Optocoupler VCA (west-coast design)

To benefit completely from the Eurorack world, the modules features a wide range of inputs (sync, FM, PWM) & outputs (VCF out…). The RAVEN offers so seen beginners but also experienced users a lot of function inside a compact and proper designed module. If you are familiar with TheBateleur oscillator, you can certainly look forward to the first sound demos of this module.

Press Release

Inclusion Through Synthesis

We’re launching a Campaign to fund a new Musical Instrument which will help raise awareness for issues related to disabilities, marginalization, accessibility and possibilities of social impact through education, in cooperation with NGOs and institutions. We’ve developed the RAVEN, a 100% analog, synthesizer-voiceIt is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled in Vienna, Austria.

The design concept was about combining the raw temperament, charm and beauty of imperfections inherent in analog circuitry with 21st century engineering on the highest possible level.  The ideology behind it: we want to demystify the subject-matter of synthesis and make it tangible, gender neutral and above all: fun to use and intuitive through an unobtrusive, coherent design, hands-on-ears-first, human-relatable instrument with a unique sonic character. We will set up a donation pool throughout the campaign to benefit, NGO’s & institutions that target those points with maximum benefit to those in need.

Concept & Design

RAVEN combines the simplicity of a performance-friendly, artist-first, synthesizer voice with modular, infinitely flexible, workflow possibilities. The Human-Machine Interaction aspects are about inclusion in the world of intuitive, educational and therapeutic sound shaping for all audiences and ages through a unique sounding, 100% analog and human-relatable, musical instrument of boutique build-quality at the fairest possible price point by means of decentralization from mainstream retail chains – namely through crowdfunding.

The system-architectural idea was about going back to the basics of 100% analog, subtractive synthesis as a result of over five years of R&D, consolidating a highly complex conglomerate of modular, discrete designs into a slim 3U/42HP (Eurorack) form-factor resulting in a uniquely sounding subtractive, semi-modular, high-performance synthesizer-voice.

The synthesizer-components are comprised of dual, wide-range Voltage Controlled Oscillators, the original TheBateleur (Ⓡ pending) Voltage Controlled Filter, two Voltage Controlled Amplifier outputs: a high-performance THAT 2162 BlackmerⓇ VCA and an Optocoupler VCA reminiscent of legendary West Coast designs.

Campaign & Goals

The RAVEN will initially be available to pre-order exclusively through a Kickstarter campaign. Early-bird backers will be able to save up to 50% off official street MSRP (pledge categories and pricing will be announced on October 1st, 2018 – campaign start date). An unlimited sortiment of assets, such as support pledges, merchandise and actual RAVEN units will be available throughout the campaign for direct donation purposes. Additionally a percentage of each pledge made to the company to support the campaign will be donated directly by birdkids in case of reaching the set backing goals.

Through the campaign we aim to:

  • Widen awareness for issues related to disabilities, marginalization, accessibility and social impact of musical education by cooperation with NGOs and institutions in form of donations and workshops.
  • Reach a wider audience of newcomers, seasoned pros and enthusiasts in creative fields and demystify the subject of modular synthesis.
  • Reduce the initial cost threshold for early adopters by skipping distribution and retail chains.
  • Allow for the best possible price for everybody by scaling up the production quantities through sufficient backing goals.

Price & Availability: TBA 

More information: birdkids 

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