Grayscale Announced Supercell Granular Processor – The Answer To The Discontinued MI Clouds Module

When Oliver Gillet of Mutable Instruments announced that they were stopping the outstanding Clouds granular processor for Eurorack, there was a lot of mourning in the communities. Clouds is still today one of the best and exciting granular modules available, as it’s very straightforward to use. There is also space to be excited about the future: Oliver has promised us a successor for this module for this year.

In the meantime, Grayscale has drilled the open-source code of the Clouds and built a new enhanced version of it. Per example, each of the blend parameters have now individual controls with their own CV inputs & inverting attenuators or also a stereo output gain control.


Clouds, the granular synthesis module from Mutable Instruments, was discontinued in 2017. Supercell brings back Clouds in a new form factor, offering expanded modulation options and a few additional features

New Features
  • Each of the Blend parameters have been separated into individual controls with their own CV inputs and inverting attenuators.
  • A stereo output gain control has been added, providing an additional +6 dB of gain to compensate for low output levels when using certain parameter combinations.
  • The inputs and outputs now include stereo VCAs and separate VU meters. The knobs act as offset controls when their respective VCA inputs are patched.
  • The complex process of changing the quality settings and managing presets has been simplified with dedicated switches and status LEDs.
  • A manual Trig switch (for capturing individual grains) has been added.
  • The 1V/Oct input has an attenuator to facilitate microtonal applications.

Third-party firmware such as Parasites (by Matthias Puech) and Beat Repeat (by Julius Kammerl) will also be supported in future firmware updates.

Preorder now for $100 to get on the waiting list. You will receive a Paypal invoice for the remainder when your module is ready to ship. Preorders are 100% refundable if you change your mind or decide that the final price (TBD) is outside of your budget.

Final price & availability: TBA 

More information here: Grayscale Supercell

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