VCV Rack Announced VCV Console & Explain The Interaction With The Community

The software modular Synthesizer VCV Rack is still growing. Not only committed third part developer released regular new modules but also Andrew Belt, the developer of the environment. VCV Console is newest add-on and is a 8-channel mixer with 3 send/return buses.

It features VCA’s on each channel, constant-power panning, anti-pop switches as well as soft output saturation. VCV Console is available at the official VCV Rack website for an introduction price of $15 USD, in 2018 for $20.

VCV Rack developer Andrew Belt also describe shortly how the business model currently works. An interesting model to support the the involved people.

VCV does not ask for donations for the open-source Rack project—instead, they recommend that you give to one of the hundreds of third-party Rack plugin developers if you can afford to.

They say “We would prefer to give you something in exchange for your support, so we will be releasing a plugin every week or two while Rack is being developed. It is our dream to work on VCV Rack full-time in 2018 to improve its performance, stability, and compatibility as well as adding features with the goal of creating a serious alternative to traditional timeline-based DAWs. Rack, its open source plugins, and a few planned future projects like the VST/AU Bridge and upcoming Eurorack ports will remain free and open source forever, so you may continue using them as-is or expand your collection while supporting the project.”

More information here: VCV Rack 

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