New Features & Factory Presets For The SubBoomBass 2 Synthesizer By Rob Papen

Rob Papen released recently version 2 of his best known SubBoomBass Synthesizer for PC and Mac. In a dedicated article, you can find all the new features including the brand new Karplus Strong string synthesis feature as well as the new creative XY pads. Several days have passed and Rob Papen has already released a new update which delivers additional new features and bug fixes.

New in SubBoomBass 2 v.1.0.0a

  • You can now drop & drag dials onto destination (the mod matrix, free envelope / LFO and XY modulation).
  • If you set modulation via right click menu, it now opens up appropriate screen, i.e. if you set a control to be modulated by XY , it opens up the XY screen.
  • In Sequencer / Mod screen, the mouse scrollwheel changes values i.e. you put it over the sequencer step volume, moving the mouse scrollwheel up / down changes it. NOTE: not all music programs support mouse wheel.
  • Other small fixes & improvements.
  • New presets in Bank 01 Sequence Presets 03, Bank 02 Sub-Basses Presets 02, Bank 03 Bass Presets 05, and Bank 05 JoMal 02.

Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 is now available for PC & Mac for 99 € and is part of the eXplorer 4 bundle. SubBoomBass v.1 users can upgrade for 39€

Available here: Rob Papen SubBoomBass 2 & Upgrade

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