Synth Anatomy Will Make This Year The Coverage Of The Tokyo Festival Of Modular

You have read correctly the news. I will travel this year to Japan to the Tokyo Festival of Modular. At the moment, I’m waiting at Zurich Airport to say hello to some friends and than we travel together 12 hours to Japan. The Tokyo Festival of Modular, take place in the Red Bull Music Studios is a small version of the SuperBooth and is an event made for promoting awareness of  and interest in the modern modular Synthesizer and it’s extensive creative possibilities. Also the event showcase both local and international electronic musicians performing with modular Synthesizers.

Unfortunately, I will only be in Tokyo for a week and try to report as much news as possible from the fair. Also, besides the typical show videos, I will try to visit interesting synth shops focusing on vintage and capture them in photo and video.

At this point I would like to thank my various sponsors who have enabled me to make this trip. My goal was once to fly to Japan and now I can fulfils it, even if it involves work.

Big thanks to: (where I will made a detailed report of my Synthesizer trip in Japan including a complete review of the Tokyo Festival of Modular)

Doepfer Musikelektronik 

4ms Pedals 

A fourth is not yet confirmed so I will probably announced it later

Many thanks to my sponsors who give me all the freedom to produce my content. Also should be mentioned here that the money is not enough to pay the whole trip. It helps me but does not completely finance it. As I travel to Japan this week, the site will be a little quieter than normally in the next few days. But I try to publish some articles and try to uploaded some videos. I hope for good internet weather in Tokyo.

If you want to support my work, I will be happy if you use my links from Plugin Boutique, Loopmasters, Thomann, Amazon or make a little donation (Paypal:, so I can work more on my activity. Big thanks in advance

More information here: Tokyo Festival Of Modular 2017

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