HY-Plugins Released Several Free Updates For Their Plugins

HY-Plugins, formerly known for excellent Max4Live plugins, released in the past several interesting plugins for PC and Mac. Today, the developer released updates for some of his pay and free plugins.

HY Mono

HY Mono s a free monophonic Synthesizer for PC/Mac with a structure based on the Oberheim SEM

New in HY-Mono v1.5.1

  • Fixed samplerate change issue.
  • Added VST3.
  • Improved UI rendering speed.


HY-MPS is a block base sequencer with 8 sequences and 2 LFO units.

New in HY-MPS v1.1.7

  • Fixed when close/open plugin window, note display ignored root note setting.
  • Improved UI rendering speed.
  • Now when MIDI mute button is active, CC value out will be muted too.
  • Added transpose on/off button.
  • Added MIDI out channel lock function.


HY-SEQ16x3 is an analog style step sequencer

New in HY-SEQ16x3 v1.4

  • Added MIDI learn function (full version only).
  • Improved UI rendering speed.
  • Added MIDI channel lock function.

The updates are available now for free.

HY-SEQ16x3 and HY-MPS cost $28 USD each, or a bundle is available for $42 USD.

For each plugin is a free version with limited features available.

HY-Mono is a freeware Synthesizer

More informations here: HY-Plugins

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