Audio Damage Dubstation 2 – A New Dub Delay App For iOS

I wrote yesterday in a exclusive news that Audio Damage will release in near future the  Phosphor 2 Synthesizer and Dubstation 2 for iOS. One of these apps is now available. They announced today that Dubstation 2 for iOS is now available on the Apple app store. It’s a complete port of the best known Dubstation 2 plugin from PC and Mac and includes all the same beloved features. It’s very easy and intuitive to use because it works like an hardware delay pedal.

I had the chance to check out a bit this new effect audio unit and must say that I really love the way how to work with it. Especially good is that everything is visible and not hidden in other submenus. If you know how to work good with delay effects, than you will love Dubstation 2 for iOS. 

Available here: Audio Damage Dubstation 2 for iOS 

The original dub delay effect, Dubstation has been a go-to effect in the production toolbox for over a decade and a half with good reason. Now available on iOS, this 1:1 code-identical port of the desktop version of Dubstation brings this classic effect to the mobile production studio. 

Easy to use and understand, Dubstation works just like a hardware delay pedal. True stereo operation and a nice saturated feedback path provide an instant-classic delay effect that has been used in thousands of commercial tracks. 


  • Tempo-synchronized or millisecond timing.
  • True stereo dual time mode, single time mode, or ping-pong.
  • EQ and saturation control on the feedback path, for tonal control.
  • LFO to delay time, for chorus and tape effects. 
  • Tempo-synced stereo looping (“infinite mode”) with sound-on-sound and reverse.
  • Heavily optimized for extremely low CPU usage. Use as many as you want, even on an older device.
  • Factory and user presets that can be copied to and from the desktop version. 
  • Audio samples and manual available at the Audio Damage website.

Available here: Audio Damage Dubstation 2 for iOS 


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