ARTURIA Released New MicroBrute Firmware – Midi Stop Handling & Bug Fixes

The Arturia MicroBrute is a small but very unique sounding, affordable monophonic Synthesizer from France. Today, the company released a firmware update with several bug fixes and a new MIDI stop handling feature.

New in v.1.04.114 

New features

  • Added Midi Stop handling

Bug fixes

  • Various Sequencer/LFO synchronisation improvements
  • The correct sequencer pattern is played at power on
  • Switching sequence keeps the correct pitch
  • Send & receive midi channel use values from 1 to 16, 17 is used as ALL channel for receive
  • When Externally synchronized, seq rate does not change gate length anymore
  • No more crashes when setting CC #111 at value 126 or 127
  • All Notes Off message is sent when switching to local control off (CC122)
  • Gate Length (CC113) does not impact sequencer Step Size (CC107) anymore
  • Sequences are now properly updated after loading sequences from the MCC
  • No more LFO Saw glitches at high frequencies
  • No more Clock bleeding when the LFO amount modified via mod wheel when synchronized externally
  • No more ModWheel and PitchWheel conflict using external MIDI in

More informations here: ARTURIA MicroBrute Firmware 

Available here: ARTURIA MicroBrute

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