NAMM 2017 News: Frap Tools announced SAPÈL – Tamed Random Source

NAMM 2017 is coming next week and some developer started already their announcements of new products. Frap Tools, the Eurorack developer from Italy just announced SAPÈL, a new eurorack module. SAPÈL is a tamed random source module where you can create interesting random control voltages. 

The SAPÈL is a random control voltages source for eurorack modular systems. It is composed of two main sections, one that generates audio noises, in 4 different versions, and another which includes two specular random clock, random voltages and clock sources.
Noise outputs are color coded, based on the noise colors, and include:
  • blue (+3db /oct spectrum)
  • white noise (0db/oct spectrum)
  • pink noise (-3db/oct spectrum)
  • red noise, a.k.a. brown or brownian (-6db/oct spectrum).
The random voltage and clock section features four uncorrelated random CV generation paths, divided in;
  • fluctuating random voltage;
  • quantized random voltage with 2n stages tuned in semitones referred to 1V/oct scale;
  • quantized random voltage with n+1 stages tuned in octaves referred to 1V/oct scale;
  • non quantized sample & hold.
It is also possible to set a probability distribution with a potentiometer, and apply (or do not apply) the chosen distribution setting to each of the four paths independently.
Furthermore, each of the two random sources section features an independent built-in clock generator, with clock output and random clock output, which can be used in “more than” or “less than” mode. It is possible to use an external clock signal as a clock source, bypassing the built-in one. In addition to that, it is also possible to hand trigger the clock via a manual sample & hold button, which can be also modulated by gate signals.

More Informations here: Frap Tools SAPÈL

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